In the Press

Our brands are featured in the media constantly – especially in the US, Canada, Europe and Israel. If you’d like to interview us,  you may contact us through our Contact Page.

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Below are a few press articles. If you find anything we missed, let us know!

ABC News
Amarillo Globe-News (Texas)
Brown University
CBS 60 Minutes
Ha’Aretz (English)
Ha’Aretz (Hebrew)
Houston Chronicle
Ido Amin
Memorial University
The New York Times
Time Magazine
USA Today
University of Regina
University of Waterloo
Wired (again!)

“Ten days after School Sucks started, the first article appeared. The Ottawa Citizen broke the story. Within weeks School Sucks was in the AP and then Newsweek, People Magazine and more. Especially during the first two years of School Sucks, I spent as much time doing interviews as I did working on other aspects of School Sucks! All this without a public relations agency. We have a message that we want to get out there — that the education systems of the world need reforming. The Houston Chronicle article is especially revealing – a professor writes to other educators that the best way to avoid problems with sites like School Sucks is to give original, structured and creative assignments. In other words, the best way to deal with School Sucks is to be a better teacher. I like that and hope this site helps teachers and students.” – Kenny Sahr, January 2005

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