About Us

Kenny Sahr, Yasha Harari and Nimrod Carmi are Content and Ads. As you’ll see, the Internet is only one of many things that take up our time.
We each live in different places in Israel, and collectively we have lived in many places around the world.

We found ourselves doing very interesting things during the Internet wave of the 90’s. We see ourselves as modern enterpreneurs – we do everything from the business and marketing to the web and technology. We’re in our 30’s and 40’s yet have a combined total of over 60+ years experience online.

kenny, nimrod and yasha - the founders of content & ads, c. 2004
That’s Kenny, Nimrod and Yasha in 2004. Click on our names to see our bios.

We’re looking to take our Internet brands to the next level – on the Internet and in other media. We have a huge audience and a very efficient small infrastructure yielding great ROI every year. We’re only three people yet we’ve created household names that many people identify with and even more know about.